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Capital Markets & Stock Exchange Compliances and advisory

Advisory services with respect to new listing of shares as well as additional issue of shares with the Bombay stock exchange (BSE)/National stock exchange (NSE)/ Bombay stock exchange IndoNext (Bombay stock exchange )/ Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE) and other Regional stock exchanges in terms of listing agreement and SEBI guidelines. We also provide consultancy services with respect to revocation of suspension and re-instatement of trading with the Stock Exchange and with respect to Takeover/Acquisition of listed company in compliance with SEBI Regulations. We also provide advisory services with respect to dematerialization of shares and execution of necessary agreement with CDSL, NSDL & Registrar.

We also provide advisory services for Initial Public Offerings in Primary Market and advisory services for Right Issues, follow on Public Offers, Qualified Institutional Placements and Preferential Allotments in secondary market. We also provide advisory services with respect to Delisting Offers.