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Individual Financial Planning

We also provide Individual financial planning services while taking a holistic view of our client's situation and come up with a financial plan that will address the following areas

  • Cash Flow Management & Budgeting
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning

We provide Personal financial planning services through following process:

  • Assessment: The financial condition of an individual is gauged by formulating balance sheets and income statements. The personal balance sheet calculates the assets on the one hand and liabilities on the other. Assets include car, house, stocks, and bank account. Personal liabilities include credit card debt, bank loan, mortgage etc. Information regarding personal income and expenses is listed under the personal cash flow statement.
  • Goal setting: After having done a proper assessment of the financial situation, we help our individual client to set up long term as well as short term goals.
  • Constructing a plan: Once the goals are set, appropriate strategies are formulated in order to fulfil the goals. This is achieved by curtailing unnecessary expenditure or by expanding the income level by investing in stocks, real estate or other interest earning assets.
  • Monitoring and reassessment: The financial plan of an individual is monitored from time to time for re-evaluation.